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In "Consultation Juridique du Valentin" we provide legal advisory on issues related to foreign nationals in Switzerland. Our lawyers have their specialization in the most important areas of law and possess in-depth knowledge and experience in fields like: taxation of foreigners; acquisition of real estate; matrimonial, inheritance and tax issues, as well as deal with applications relating to the status of residency in Switzerland.

Together we offer you the most effective and comprehensive approach to resolving your legal issues. We believe that each client and each situation is unique and requires an individual approach.

We are dynamic and ambitious professionals who offer consultations in English, French and Russian languages. We work closely with our clients and always give our best effort to deliver prompt efficiency and favorable solution.

Consultation Juridique du Valentin is exclusively composed of competent lawyers. Our job is to provide legal advice in all areas of law and to represent people before the administrative authorities. However, legal representation in the criminal and civil fields is reserved for attorneys.


Representation in Administrative Bodies

Legal advice in all areas of Swiss and International law

Legislation on Foreigners

Corporate and Contract Law

Tax, Matrimonial and

Inheritance Planning

International Arbitration


Initial Consultation

CHF 40 / 15 min


CHF 250 (without taxes) / hour*

Case Price

Final price will depend on complexity of the case.

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We invite you to make your appointment by clicking on one of the calendars above. After redirecting to the calendar page, you can choose the time and duration of your appointment. In the window that appears after the selection of the period of time, we ask you not to modify the subject (“what”) nor the address, but to briefly describe to us in the description your legal case as well as your telephone coordinates (the data transmitted in the description are confidential). After registration you will receive a confirmation specifying the details for making an advance payment (compulsory in the event of online consultation) as well as other useful information.

*Customers in a diminished financial situation may have preferential rates and benefit from payment plans.


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