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Reimbursement of the old-age and survivors contributions

Dernière mise à jour : 31 août 2023

If you have been working in Switzerland for at least one full year you may apply for reimbursement of your OASI (old-age and survivors) contributions after you have left Switzerland definitively. Only citizens of a country with which Switzerland has not signed any social security agreement can apply for a reimbursement.

Exceptions: the agreements between Switzerland and the following countries allow, under certain conditions, the reimbursement of contributions: India, Australia, Brazil, China, South Korea, Tunisia, Uruguay and the Philippines.

Citizens of no-EU states who live abroad may apply, and be granted, for reimbursement of their OASI (old-age and survivors) contributions without interest, after they have definitively left Switzerland. They must have paid contributions for at least one full year to be entitled to reimbursement.

Claims for the reimbursement should be filed as soon as conditions for entitlement are met, since benefits are paid retroactively for a limited period only, which in certain cases does not exceed twelve months.

Conditions of eligibility for reimbursement

  • You must have paid contributions for at least one year.

  • You and your family (spouse and children under 25) must have left Switzerland definitively or are intending to do so.

  • If you have adult children under 25 who remain in Switzerland, they must have completed their education.

  • Our consultants competent in the field of swiss social security are willing to provide you further information.

Documents to be enclosed with your application

  • Copy of your OASI card

  • Copy of your confirmation of departure from Switzerland

  • Attestation of current citizenship or a copy of a valid passport, signed, for you and each member of your family (spouse and children under 25)

  • Attestation of current place of residence (outside of Switzerland) for each member of your family

  • Refugees must provide proof of status.

  • Certificate of marriage, divorce and/or death

Basis for calculating reimbursement of contributions

The amount reimbursed may be up to a maximum of 8.7% of the total gross income corresponding to the OASI contributions, of which:

  • 4.35% represents the beneficiary’s personal contributions

  • 4.35% represents the employer’s contributions.

The amount of contributions reimbursed may be reduced in certain cases. Specifically, the amount reimbursed may not exceed the current value of all OASI benefits possibly accruing to a beneficiary in the same personal circumstances.

If you need any further information, you can ask your questions in the comments if this article or send us a message on

In order to let us verify if you can be entitled for the reimbursement of your Swiss OASI (old-age and survivors) contributions, please send us the following in information on

- First, middle name/s and surname ;

- Date of birth ;

- Nationality /es ;

- Places and duration of the gainful employments in Switzerland.

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